Announcement: New decision on requirements for teachers of Confirmation Instruction

(22.10.2004) Nice. The District Apostle Meeting in Nice on 22-24.09.2004 has decided on new requirements for teachers of Confirmation Instruction. Previously this class was exclusively taught by priestly ministers, but in future it will be possible for all types of instruction in the New Apostolic Church to be taught by both men and women. [подробнее]

Announcement: The Bible is the basis of the New Apostolic doctrine

(22.10.2004) Nice. The District Apostle Meeting in Nice, which took place on 22-24.09.2004, has again emphasised that the Bible is recognised and regarded as the basis of the doctrine of the New Apostolic Church. In particular, the statements of the New Testament - especially the words of Jesus and the epistles of the apostles - are of definitive importance. [подробнее]

New doctrinal statement on the "Great Tribulation"

(22.10.2004) Nice. A comprehensive subject discussed during the District Apostle Meeting in Nice bears the title "The Great Tribulation". This heading refers to the events described in various passages in the Revelation of John. [подробнее]

Announcement: Position of the New Apostolic Church on the 'Evolution Theory'

(04.06.2004) Zurich. The New Apostolic Church considers the evolution theory not to be an appropriate explanation of the Creation, since the considerations in this theory do not include God as Creator. However, the theory maintains that the scientific findings on the evolution are not in contradiction to the interpretations of the Bible. [подробнее]

Announcement: New Apostolic Church adopts new youth concept

(04.06.2004) Zurich. End of April, the Church leadership adopted a new and uniform concept for the youth work in the New Apostolic Church. This shall be introduced in steps, at first in the District Churches of Europe and in North America. [подробнее]

New Apostolic Church adopts new fundamental principles

(03.06.2004) Zurich. What is the New Apostolic Church? What does the Church teach? How did it come into being? What is its position toward state and society? In general, such questions and more are answered by the catechism of a given church. To date, no such collection of fundamental principles was available in the New Apostolic Church. The only work on hand was the book "Questions and Answers", which was last revised in 1992. The Church has recently decided to produce a new compilation of fundamental principles. [подробнее]

Position of the New Apostolic Church on sexual conduct

(02.06.2004) Zurich. Bearing in mind the various cultures in which the Church is active throughout the world, the church leadership adopts positions on certain issues of sexual conduct within and outside marriage. In this connection, the Church supports the social endeavours by society to confer especial protection on marriage and family. [подробнее]

The New Apostolic Church adopts a new position on the concept of sin

(02.06.2004) Zurich. Are there "major" and "minor" sins? Can one sin weigh more than another? Questions of this kind have been dealt with by the Chief Apostle and the District Apostles' Meeting (DAM) held in Zurich on April 28 to 30, 2004. The outcome is a new position on the concept of sin which shall be passed on in steps as follows: at first to the ministers of the Church, then to all members and interested parties. [подробнее]

New Direction for the Sub-Deacon's Ministry

(15.08.2001) Zurich. Approximately 265,000 ministers serve in over 68,000 congregations worldwide in the New Apostolic Church. Over 90 percent of these are Priests, Deacons and Sub-Deacons. This high percentage ensures sufficient care of the individual souls and looks after the congregations. [подробнее]

New Apostolic Church Introduces a New Guideline

(26.04.2001) In a letter that was read in all New Apostolic congregations at the end of January, 2001, Chief Apostle Richard Fehr, the leader of the New Apostolic Church informed the membership of the introduction of a new guideline. This established a uniform and binding guideline with the heading "Serving and Leading in the New Apostolic Church" that is applicable to all ministers and brethren entrusted with leadership roles in the congregations. [подробнее]
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