The anniversary year of the New Apostolic Church comes to an end

(31.12.2013) Zurich. The past year 2013 was an anniversary year for the New Apostolic Church. It was celebrated with numerous national and international events. Having emerged in 1863 from a small Catholic Apostolic congregation in Hamburg, Germany, the New Apostolic Church today numbers over ten million members around the world. New Apostolic Christians gather to worship in over 60,000 congregations. Following are some excerpts from a year in motion. [meer...]

An appeal for global prayers for peace

(04.09.2013) Zurich. “God of Life, Lead Us to Justice and Peace.” So reads the motto for this year’s Day of Prayer for Peace on 21 September. The World Council of Churches (WCC) is calling on its members to set a special accent with global prayers for peace. The New Apostolic Church will once again participate in this effort, and will also offer up prayers for peace in all its congregations around the world on Sunday, 22 September. [meer...]

The name of the new Chief Apostle of the New Apostolic Church is Jean-Luc Schneider

(19.05.2013) Hamburg/Zurich. As of this Pentecost Sunday 2013, the New Apostolic Church has a new spiritual leader: Jean-Luc Schneider is the new Chief Apostle and successor in ministry to Wilhelm Leber, who retired from ministry on this occasion. It was a special highlight when the new Chief Apostle discharged the previous Chief Apostle from his ministry with the words: “In our hearts you will remain our Chief Apostle!” [meer...]

Pentecost 2013: “Surely your salvation is coming!”

(19.05.2013) Hamburg/Zurich. The New Apostolic Church has a new Chief Apostle. Wilhelm Leber, international Church leader since 2005, conducted his last divine service in Hamburg-Borgfelde this Pentecost Sunday (we reported). Several million people around the world shared in this sermon live via satellite and internet transmission. He called upon the believers to engage and exhibit the power of the Holy Spirit in their everyday surroundings. [meer...]

Pentecost message from Hamburg to be sent around the world

(14.05.2013) Hamburg/Zurich. When Chief Apostle Wilhelm Leber rings in the divine service on Pentecost morning in the New Apostolic congregation of Hamburg-Borgfelde, several thousand other congregations in over 100 countries will also be connected, either by satellite or internet. In this way, several million people around the world will witness this central Pentecost celebration of the New Apostolic Church on 19 May 2013—a fitting event to mark this year’s celebration of the 150-year anniversary of the New Apostolic Church. [meer...]

Pentecost 2013: A new Chief Apostle for the New Apostolic Church

(18.04.2013) Zurich. There are only about four more weeks to go before Pentecost, when a new Chief Apostle will be ordained for the New Apostolic Church. The current international Church leader, Chief Apostle Wilhelm Leber, will retire at the age of 65 and will be succeeded in ministry by a French national, namely Jean-Luc Schneider (53). The preparations for this change have already been made, and all Church members around the world are aware that it is coming. [meer...]

Chief Apostle congratulates new Pope Francis

(14.03.2013) Zurich. Chief Apostle Wilhelm Leber has congratulated the new Pope Francis I on behalf of the New Apostolic Church. Yesterday Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio was elected to the highest ministry of the Catholic Church. The 76-year-old Argentinean thus succeeds Pope Benedict XVI, who recently stepped down from office. [meer...]

Change of Chief Apostle in the New Apostolic Church on Pentecost 2013

(15.01.2013) Zurich. On Pentecost Sunday, 19 May 2013, Chief Apostle Wilhelm Leber will entrust the Chief Apostle ministry to his successor Jean-Luc Schneider, after which he himself will retire. All New Apostolic congregations around the world will be able to join in and celebrate this divine service together as a satellite transmission. Well ahead of this date, the Church leader will personally inform all New Apostolic Church members around the world of this change by way of a circular letter. It is to be read out after the divine service this Sunday. [meer...]

Chief Apostle officially ushers in the anniversary year 2013

(02.01.2013) Zurich/Herford. Chief Apostle Wilhelm Leber, the international leader of the New Apostolic Church, chose the New Year’s Day divine service in his native city of Herford, Germany to officially usher in the 150-year anniversary of the Church: “The year 2013 is to be a year of profession!” In connection with this he referred to the great accomplishments of previous generations, without which the Church, as it stands today, would be inconceivable. [meer...]