International Day of Prayer on 21 September

(12.09.2008) Zurich. Once again the New Apostolic Church will engage in worldwide prayers on the occasion of the International Day of Prayer on 21 September. This year, Chief Apostle Wilhelm Leber has given the event a special accent: he is calling upon his brethren in faith to pray especially for all baptised Christians who are being persecuted or killed on account of their faith in the triune God and their profession of their Redeemer Jesus Christ. [meer...]

100,000 Euros earmarked for flood regions in Zambia, Malawi, and Zimbabwe

(22.02.2008) Lusaka. As reported, the regions around the Zambezi and other large rivers of Eastern Africa have been devastated by floods for weeks. District Apostle Charles Ndandula from Lusaka (Zambia) has asked Chief Apostle Wilhelm Leber for assistance. In the meantime, the Church leader has initiated emergency relief measures, and has requested “NAK-karitativ” to take up direct contact with the Church office in Lusaka. [meer...]