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An international congregation on Easter Sunday

(09.04.2020) The divine service studio has been built, the altar has been set up. Now everything is ready for Easter Sunday—and with it, the Chief Apostle. This year, as a result of the corona crisis, there will be an international divine service to mark the day of the Lord’s resurrection. [meer...]

Easter 2020 will be a global event

(04.04.2020) A shared, global celebration of Easter—and of all things, it is the corona virus that has made it possible. Jean-Luc Schneider himself will conduct this divine service. A great deal of technology is necessary in order to get the signal out from the transmission site into the whole wide world. [meer...]

Global Easter divine service with the Chief Apostle

(28.03.2020) Zurich. A special offer in difficult times: Chief Apostle Jean-Luc Schneider will personally conduct the divine service on Easter Sunday—and it will be transmitted around the world for the benefit of all Church members. It was his desire to address the believers personally, he said. [meer...]

“Trusting in God during these difficult times”

(21.03.2020) Zurich. The topic on everyone’s mind over recent days has been the corona pandemic. Every day, the reports bring us more bad news. What does the Chief Apostle of the New Apostolic Church have to say about this? He turns to his brothers and sisters with an appeal to trust in God. [meer...]

Corona pandemic: uniform measures across Europe

(16.03.2020) Zurich. In a telephone conference on Monday morning, Jean-Luc Schneider and the leaders of the New Apostolic District Churches in Europe discussed an exhaustive catalogue of measures aimed at containing the corona pandemic. Following are the most important results. [meer...]

"Christ makes free" — Motto for the year 2020

(01.01.2020) Freedom — this is a sublime and precious commodity! There is only one who can provide true freedom: Jesus Christ! "Christ makes free"—this is the motto for the year 2020. [meer...]

District Apostle Meeting concludes in Zurich

(18.11.2019) Zurich. Once again the District Apostles and District Apostle Helpers of the world came together in Zurich. It was in the NACI Conference Centre that the last District Apostle Meeting of this year took place on Thursday and Friday. And once again, there were quite a few items on the agenda. [meer...]

Prayers for peace in the world

(21.09.2019) Zurich. On 21 September of each year, the United Nations—together with the World Council of Churches—calls for prayers for peace in the world. The congregations of the New Apostolic Church also participate in these prayers. [meer...]

From now on there will also be assignments to services and duties in the congregation

(31.08.2019) Zurich. There are some congregational duties exercised over the long term that have special significance within the congregation owing to their high pastoral content. From now on, such services and duties will be publicly conferred by way of an assignment. [meer...]

United again: New Apostolic Church South America

(06.08.2019) Zurich/ São Paulo. Some 500 participants in the divine service in São Paulo, Brazil witnessed the transfer of ministerial duties from District Apostle Raúl Montes de Oca to District Apostle Enrique Minio. With an effective date of 4 August 2019, the District Apostle district of Brazil and Bolivia was integrated into the large new district of South America. [meer...]
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