Pentecost history

Changes in the concept of ministry enter into effect as of Pentecost 2019

(13.06.2019) Zurich. The effective date for the New Apostolic Church’s modified concept of ministry is Pentecost 2019. This means that in future, only three levels of ministry will be ordained, and five levels of leadership function will be appointed. As of 1 September 2019, official assignments to assistant functions will also enter into effect. [meer...]

The Holy Spirit works powerfully

(10.06.2019) Zurich/Goslar. Yesterday, today, and tomorrow … the Holy Spirit works powerfully, and can comfort in suffering and need. This is what the Chief Apostle told the worldwide congregation in the Pentecost service. [meer...]

Pentecost in Washington – continue steadfastly

(22.05.2018) “One heart and one soul.ˮ – For New Apostolic Christians, Pentecost is not only an event that is celebrated once a year but is a feast of faith. A look back at Pentecost festivities 2018 in Washington. [meer...]

Pentecost 2017 in Vienna: An appeal for greater enthusiasm

(05.06.2017) Zurich/Vienna. In general Christianity, Pentecost is understood to be the birthday of the church. However, this must also be demonstrated within each individual in their joy and enthusiasm for the gospel in daily life, admonished Chief Apostle Jean-Luc Schneider in the Pentecost service in Vienna, Austria. [meer...]

Confessing instead of complaining: setting an example for Christianity

(16.05.2016) Setting an example for the Christian faith. This is the call of the international leader of the New Apostolic Church, Chief Apostle Jean-Luc Schneider. Tens of thousands of New Apostolic Christians across Europe enjoyed a live video broadcast of the traditional Pentecost service. [meer...]

Pentecost service: “Trusting the power of the Holy Spirit”

(24.05.2015) Zurich/Lusaka. It was the high point of the New Apostolic Church’s traditional celebration of Pentecost with the Church leader, Chief Apostle Jean-Luc Schneider. His core message: “Let us trust the power of the Holy Spirit.” [meer...]

New objectives for development in Africa

(23.05.2015) Zurich/Lusaka. The New Apostolic Church’s celebration of Pentecost 2015 has officially begun with a meeting of nearly all the Apostles of Africa in Zambia. In this assembly, Chief Apostle Jean-Luc Schneider set some new goals for the development of the Church on the African continent. [meer...]

Pentecost service: Millions of believers tuned in around the world

(02.05.2015) Zurich/Lusaka. For New Apostolic Christians, the divine service on Pentecost is special in several respects, as there have already been regular satellite transmissions of the divine service conducted by the Church leader for years. For this year’s celebration of Pentecost, Chief Apostle Jean-Luc Schneider is expected in the African country of Zambia. Once again, thousands of congregations throughout the world will be connected by video signal. [meer...]

The New Apostolic Church draws a positive conclusion: the ICC was a successful festival of faith!

(10.06.2014) Munich/Zurich. The first ever International Church Convention of the New Apostolic Church came to an end on Sunday evening. Blessed with beaming sunshine and, for the most part, high summer temperatures, Christians from many parts of the world celebrated their faith with great enthusiasm over the space of three days. Some 50,000 participants assembled in Munich’s Olympia Park for the International Church Convention, which took place over the Pentecost weekend from 6-8 June 2014. Organisers have concluded that the event was a great success. [meer...]

Video from Pentecost 2014 in Munich, Germany

(09.06.2014) Munich/Zurich. A world wide via satellite transmitted Service from Munich – millions of New Apostolic members on all continents experienced the Divine Service of Pentecoast with their Church leader, chief apostle Jean-Luc Schneider. Alone in the Olympia stadium within the capitel of the German county Bavaria there were some 50'000 gathering. The chief apostle addressed his brothers and sisters with the thought to become stronger in the love for God and for the neighbour: It is more blessed to give than to receive. [meer...]
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