NAC Switzerland has a new District Apostle


Chief Apostle Leber with District Apostle Fehlbaum (left) and District Apostle Armin Studer (photo: NAC Switzerland)

Zurich. The brethren of the New Apostolic Church of Switzerland had already been informed months ahead of time about what was to transpire on this momentous Sunday morning: their hitherto District Apostle Armin Studer was to be discharged into a well-deserved retirement after leading the District Church for ten years. Markus Fehlbaum (56) was ordained to succeed him as District Apostle.

During the festive divine service in Zurich-Hottingen, Chief Apostle Wilhelm Leber thanked the retiring District Apostle with emotional words. At the same time he embraced the new District Apostle Fehlbaum and said: “I am looking forward to our work together.”

The New Apostolic Church Switzerland has issued a press release which states, among other things: “The new Church leader has expressed that he is very interested in promoting and expanding the special pastoral care offered by the New Apostolic Church for example, in the areas of youth care, matrimonial support, and social counselling. In addition, he expressed his hope that the New Apostolic Church Switzerland would remain a youthful and musical District Church.”

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