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A new era in the music of the New Apostolic Church


District Apostle Barnes introduces the new English Hymnal (Photo: NAC Cape)

Cape Town. Following years of extensive work by our brothers in the music department, Tuesday 20 May 2008 saw the launch of the new English Hymnal. Invited to this launch were all the district ministries and rectors who upon entry to the Silvertown auditorium were each given a complimentary copy of the Hymnal.

This new hymnal is published for use in all English speaking congregations all over the world and is focused on providing the hymns of different eras and styles. The Church has for over 21 years been using the hymnal that is currently in use and this hymnal was composed and compiled more than 75 years ago.

This new baby will be on the shelves at the beginning of July and will be in use starting from the first Sunday of September.

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