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District Apostle Erwin Wagner enters into Retirement

(26.05.2002) Kitchener. "In the eight years of his activity in the District Apostle ministry, District Apostle Wagner accomplished more than was possible elsewhere in triple the time"- Chief Apostle Fehr found these words of recognition on the occasion of the retirement of District Apostle Wagner! more ...

Introduction of the New King James Version

(01.12.2001) Zurich. After the New Apostolic Church introduced the 1984 version of the Luther translation of the Bible into its German-speaking congregations as of January 1, 2001, there will be a change in all English-speaking congregations as of January 1, 2002 with the introduction of the New King James Version of the Bible. Effective the same date, all literature published by the Verlag Friedrich Bischoff Ltd. will also quote the NKJV. Existing teaching tools and other official publications of the New Apostolic Church will be adjusted on an on-going basis. more ...

Faith in difficult times

(20.09.2001) Zuerich. Chief Apostle Richard Fehr has returned from the USA healthy, safe and sound. On Sunday, September 16th, 2001, he held a divine service in Atlanta, Georgia, which was transmitted to all New Apostolic congregations throughout North America via satellite. more ...

Our condolences embrace all the bereaved

(14.09.2001) Zurich. The New Apostolic Church wishes to express its condolences to all those that are aggrieved as a result of the atrocious events in New York, Washington and Pennsylvania. more ...

New Direction for the Sub-Deacon's Ministry

(15.08.2001) Zurich. Approximately 265,000 ministers serve in over 68,000 congregations worldwide in the New Apostolic Church. Over 90 percent of these are Priests, Deacons and Sub-Deacons. This high percentage ensures sufficient care of the individual souls and looks after the congregations. more ...

New Apostolic Church Introduces a New Guideline

(26.04.2001) In a letter that was read in all New Apostolic congregations at the end of January, 2001, Chief Apostle Richard Fehr, the leader of the New Apostolic Church informed the membership of the introduction of a new guideline. This established a uniform and binding guideline with the heading "Serving and Leading in the New Apostolic Church" that is applicable to all ministers and brethren entrusted with leadership roles in the congregations. more ...
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