A look ahead

Chief Apostle Wilhelm Leber travels to Manila


Hamburg. On Thursday, 9 February 2006, Chief Apostle Wilhelm Leber, the highest representative of the international New Apostolic Church, will set off on yet another journey. This time, his divine service schedule will lead him to the Philippines. More than 20 apostles from seven countries will also gather there for an Apostle Meeting.

On the occasion of this Apostle Meeting, the chief apostle will welcome District Apostle Leslie Latorcai, District Apostle Helpers Urs Hebeisen and John Sobottka, as well as 21 other apostles from the countries of Bangladesh, China, Cambodia, Myanmar, the Philippines, Pakistan, and Thailand.

Sunday's divine service will be transmitted via satellite from the New Apostolic congregation of Makati to 22 receiving stations throughout the Philippines. Moreover, it will also be possible to tune in to the service on one of the country's national television stations. New Apostolic Christians in Hong Kong, Korea, Japan, Malaysia, Taiwan, and Thailand will also be connected by satellite.

We will report with more details soon.


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