District Apostle Kitching set to retire at the end of January

(16.10.2011) Johannesburg/Zurich. Today District Apostle Johann R. Kitching informed the members in the District Church of South East Africa about his planned retirement. In a broadcast on the Church-owned television channel known as “NAC-TV” the District Apostle stated that Chief Apostle Wilhelm Leber, the international Church leader, will conduct a festive divine service at the end of January 2012 and transfer the task of leading the District Apostle district of South East Africa to a successor. [leggi]

Jörg Leske is the new managing director of NAK-karitativ

(29.09.2011) Dortmund. The relief organisation known as NAK-karitativ now has a new managing director. Bernd Klippert, who has served the organisation for many years, will retire from his duties on 30 September 2011. Nevertheless he remains a member of the board of directors. The name of his successor is Jörg Leske (58), who has been a member of the board since its founding and has served as chairman since 2007. [leggi]

International Day of Prayer for Peace 2011: Let us strive for peace!

(02.09.2011) Zurich. September is a month of commemoration: on 11 September, the attacks on the USA will lie ten years behind us. On 21 September is the International Day of Prayer for Peace. On this occasion, Chief Apostle Wilhelm Leber, the leader of the New Apostolic Church, is once again calling on all congregations to join in prayers for peace around the world. This year the UN-sponsored Day of Prayer for Peace is being held under the motto: “Make your voice heard!” The Chief Apostle has asked all New Apostolic congregations around the world to participate in this event. [leggi]

Pentecost 2011 in Dresden – A great celebration for the Church

(26.05.2011) Zurich/Dresden. Once again the day of Pentecost promises to be a great Church celebration. This year, the Saxon capital of Dresden will host the New Apostolic feast of Pentecost. At 10:00 AM on Sunday, 12 June, Chief Apostle Wilhelm Leber will begin the special divine service, which will be transmitted by satellite to more than 70 countries around the world. The specially designed logo for the Pentecost celebration was created by the hosting District Church of Central Germany. [leggi]

nacworld Offers More Topics

(18.05.2011) Zurich. If you would print all nacworld screenprints of one month on paper and pile them up, you would have a pile of paper that has a height of more than 350 metres. As a comparison: the Eiffel Tower in Paris stands only 276 metres. nacworld members are as active as never before. nacworld offers more topics than other social networks: faith, religion, church, friendship and intercession, support and sympathy. [leggi]

District Apostle Armin Brinkmann now leads the New Apostolic Church in the Netherlands

(16.05.2011) Zurich/Dortmund. “An intensive week lies ahead of me in Holland.” So writes Armin Brinkmann from Dortmund, who is the new District Apostle for the Netherlands. On Wednesday evening he is scheduled to conduct a divine service in Alkmaar, the home congregation of Theodoor de Bruijn, who was given a well-deserved retirement last Sunday after having served for forty years in ministry. On Thursday evening the new District Apostle will be in Sittard, and on Saturday afternoon he has invited all rectors and their wives to a special divine service. He goes on to write: “On Sunday there is a divine service scheduled in Tilburg, and then the journey takes me back to North Rhine-Westphalia.” [leggi]

“At the moment, the most important thing is to help people”

(16.03.2011) Buenos Aires. The situation in Japan is also a topic of discussion at the spring meeting of the world’s District Apostles. The two New Apostolic congregations in Japan comprise approximately 100 members—all of whom have survived the terrible earthquake and the devastating tsunami. “The most significant problem at the moment is the nuclear catastrophe that is now out of control. We do not yet know how this situation will play out.” It was with these words that District Apostle Urs Hebeisen began his presentation on the work of the New Apostolic Church in South East Asia. [leggi]

New Apostolic Church publishes new church concept

(01.03.2011) Zurich. “What is church? Who is the church? What is the New Apostolic Church?” These questions and more are addressed in the new church concept. In the process of producing its new Catechism, the New Apostolic Church has arrived at some different answers than in the past. The church of Christ is bigger than the New Apostolic Church alone. It includes all those who have been baptised in the name of the triune God, who believe in Jesus Christ, and who profess Him as their Lord. This church of Christ is manifest in different ways in the Christian churches at work today—albeit not in its perfect state. [leggi]

Training for the New Apostolic Catechism has begun

(26.01.2011) Lehrte/Zurich. A conference hotel in Lehrte (near Hannover) brought together representatives of all District Apostle districts of the New Apostolic Church from around the world in order to receive training on how to introduce the Church’s new Catechism, which is still in the production phase. District Apostle Wilfried Klingler, the host from Lower Saxony, extended a warm welcome to the participants. “Even though the new Catechism of our Church is not yet available in print, it is important for us to inform the members about its doctrinal contents as quickly as possible,” he noted. [leggi]

Church Project Groups and Work Groups reorganised

(19.01.2011) Zurich. As of the start of the year 2011, a number of Work Groups and Project Groups of the New Apostolic Church have been reorganised. A total of sixteen Work Groups and Project Groups are currently at work on various topics. Their work supports decision-making in the District Apostle Meetings and aids the Church leadership in arriving at suitable answers to various questions. [leggi]
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