Pentecost 2012: Divine service for a large congregation on all continents

(21.05.2012) Cologne/Zurich. This weekend, more than 1.5 million New Apostolic Christians in over 100 countries on all five continents will experience the Pentecost service via either live or delayed transmission. It will be conducted in Cologne by Chief Apostle Wilhelm Leber on 27 May 2012. For the first time ever there will also be a delayed broadcast of his sermon throughout Germany. [leggi]

New Chief Apostle Helper to be appointed on Pentecost 2012

(23.03.2012) Zurich. In the divine service on Pentecost Sunday, Chief Apostle Wilhelm Leber will appoint a Chief Apostle Helper. “I would like to set an early course for the future,” stated the international Church leader, who will turn 65 this year. The date when he himself will retire remains open—perhaps in 2013 or 2014—however the work of a Chief Apostle Helper will already lighten his load quite perceptibly now. [leggi]
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