Chief Apostle Visit Blessing for India

(05.03.2010) Zurich/Bangalore. A six day visit of Chief Apostle Leber to India began on Friday, February 19th, 2010. He arrived in Bangalore to join the District Apostles Latorcai, Andersen, Brinkmann, Hebeisen and District Apostle Helpers Woll and Dzur. After lunch the group left for the Bangalore Central Church, where the Indian Apostles and Bishops greeted them. The Chief Apostle delivered a spiritual address to the group, after which they divided into four groups for discussions with the Chief Apostle and the District Apostles in rotation. [leggi]

New Apostolic Christians around the world send donations for Haiti

(10.02.2010) Zurich. International expressions of solidarity with the people of the earthquake region of Haiti have been overwhelming. Many New Apostolic congregations have participated in donation drives. There are reports of various campaigns from all District Churches around the world. For example, District Apostle Leslie Latorcai from Canada has written to the members in the congregations in his care that over 120,000 Canadian dollars have been raised across the country and presented to the national Red Cross. [leggi]

Concrete help for earthquake victims has arrived in Haiti

(20.01.2010) Zurich/Port-au-Prince. District Apostle Leonard Kolb from the USA has stated in a press release that a large-scale delivery operation of relief supplies for earthquake victims in Haiti has begun. Many members of the New Apostolic Church have sent donations to the accounts of the various relief organisations. The majority of our Church’s members on the Caribbean island have survived the devastating natural disaster, but like all other Haitians, are still greatly dependent on help and support. [leggi]
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