Media offer 2015: is the website of the Church leadership (Part 2 von 7)

(09.12.2014) Zurich. For those who desire official church information, is the correct address to visit: As of spring 2015, the site will mostly publish announcements of international management and doctrinal texts. Future publications include changes in the Apostle´s circle, statements from the international working groups and project groups as well as news of the Chief Apostle. [En savoir plus]

The church is expanding its media programme from 01.01.2015 (part 1 of 7)

(05.12.2014) Zurich. – that’s the name of the brand new news magazine which is going online at the start of 2015. With this magazine the New Apostolic Church International (NACI) is increasing its web presence, providing even more information. At the same time the church’s Apps will be updated, as will NACI’s official website,, in the spring of 2015. [En savoir plus]

New team, new media, new content: Church to bundle journalistic forces

(14.10.2014) Zurich. The New Apostolic Church international (NACI) is reorganising its communications structure. Chief Apostle Jean-Luc Schneider has not only given the green light to the new communications concept but also to the establishment of a new department. In terms of both content and staff, his intent is to explore new ways to provide more international information to the Church’s members, whether online or in the various magazines. [En savoir plus]

The New Apostolic Church draws a positive conclusion: the ICC was a successful festival of faith!

(10.06.2014) Munich/Zurich. The first ever International Church Convention of the New Apostolic Church came to an end on Sunday evening. Blessed with beaming sunshine and, for the most part, high summer temperatures, Christians from many parts of the world celebrated their faith with great enthusiasm over the space of three days. Some 50,000 participants assembled in Munich’s Olympia Park for the International Church Convention, which took place over the Pentecost weekend from 6-8 June 2014. Organisers have concluded that the event was a great success. [En savoir plus]

Pentecost 2014: “It is more blessed to give than to receive”

(08.06.2014) Munich/Zurich. A divine service from Munich transmitted around the world by satellite—millions of New Apostolic Christians on all continents witnessed the Pentecost service conducted by their Church leader, Jean-Luc Schneider. In the Olympia Stadium in the Bavarian capital alone there were 50,000 believers. In his Pentecost message, the Chief Apostle called upon the believers to become even more active in love for God and their neighbour, emphasising that “it is more blessed to give than to receive.” [En savoir plus]

International Church Convention: Global transmission of the Pentecost service

(23.05.2014) Zurich. The divine service which Chief Apostle Jean-Luc Schneider will conduct on Pentecost Sunday on the occasion of the International Church Convention of the New Apostolic Church will be transmitted to over 100 countries on all continents with the help of satellites, fibre optic cables, and radio broadcasters. His sermon will first be interpreted into English at the altar phrase by phrase, and then interpreted simultaneously into over 20 other languages. [En savoir plus]

New Finance Committee begins its work

(07.04.2014) Zurich. The first District Apostle Meeting of this year initiated several projects. Among others, the District Apostles resolved to create a new Finance Committee (we reported). It is to aid in bringing about greater transparency for the financial resources expended by the Church in order that the responsibilities for significant operations in the Church can be governed in accordance with the best available knowledge and practices. [En savoir plus]

ICC Guide available for download: more than 250 events in three days

(03.04.2014) Munich. The programme for the International Church Convention of the New Apostolic Church, which will run from 6-8 June 2014 in Munich’s Olympiapark, has now been finalised and can be downloaded online as of right now. A total of 250 individual events have been planned. The printed programme guide will be delivered to all participants with a little welcome package by the start of May. [En savoir plus]

International flare in Zurich and Winterthur

(25.03.2014) Zurich. With the exception of District Apostle Helper Victor Bezgans from Russia, all District Apostles and District Apostle Helpers of the New Apostolic Church gathered in Zurich for their annual spring meeting over the past week. Many different points were on the agenda of this District Apostle Meeting. On Sunday morning, Chief Apostle Jean-Luc Schneider conducted a divine service with all of the participants in the congregation of Winterthur. [En savoir plus]