Rüdiger Krause is the new District Apostle in Northern Germany

(07.12.2010) Hamburg. Last Sunday brought a change in leadership for the New Apostolic Church in Northern Germany: the name of the new District Apostle is Rüdiger Krause (49). He was ordained in a festive divine service conducted by the international Church leader, Chief Apostle Wilhelm Leber. At the same time, the District Church also received a new Bishop in Thorsten Beutz from Wilhelmshaven. [En savoir plus]

The liturgy of the New Apostolic Church as of the first Sunday of Advent 2010

(08.11.2010) Zurich. The liturgy is what orders and governs the sequence of music, prayers, Bible readings, the sermon, and the dispensation of the sacraments within the divine service. With the start of the new church year, a reform will come into effect (we reported) in the New Apostolic Church. The celebration of Holy Communion in particular is to be structured in even more dignified fashion through the enriched liturgical elements. Chief Apostle Wilhelm Leber, the international Church leader, explained that the new liturgy is intended to bring greater solemnity to the sequence of the divine service. [En savoir plus]

Raúl Montes de Oca is the new District Apostle in Brazil

(16.10.2010) Brasilia. The Brazilian capital was the focal point for New Apostolic members - both live on location and via satellite transmission - as Chief Apostle Wilhelm Leber ordained a new District Apostle for the South American District Church: Raúl Montes de Oca accepted this new assignment in joy and humbleness. [En savoir plus]

Thanksgiving Day service with Chief Apostle Leber in Frankfurt

(05.10.2010) Zurich/Frankfurt. The Thanksgiving Day service in the New Apostolic congregation of Frankfurt-West with Chief Apostle Wilhelm Leber was adorned with several special accents all at once. On the one hand, the international Church leader drew attention to the special festive day on the church calendar: Thanksgiving Day. On the other, he commemorated one of his predecessors in ministry, the long-serving Chief Apostle John Gottfried Bischoff, who had resided in Frankfurt and had led the Church for over thirty years. [En savoir plus]

Succession plan in the New Apostolic Church of Northern Germany

(30.09.2010) Zurich/Hamburg. On the second Sunday of Advent, 5 December 2010, the international leader of the New Apostolic Church, Chief Apostle Wilhelm Leber, will conduct a divine service in Hamburg for the entire District Apostle district of Northern Germany. In this divine service, District Apostle Karlheinz Schumacher (66) will be retired and his successor ordained. The congregations in the District Church will be informed of this development by way of a letter this coming Sunday. [En savoir plus]

Prayers for world peace 2010

(09.09.2010) Zurich. The international New Apostolic Church will again join in praying for peace around the world during this year’s International Day of Peace. Concerning this, Chief Apostle Wilhelm Leber writes: “This year we will again acknowledge the International Day of Prayer for Peace.” To this end, the opening prayer of the midweek divine service of 22/23 September will draw attention to world peace and peaceful coexistence among all human beings. [En savoir plus]

Extended liturgy of the New Apostolic Church still to be introduced this year

(21.06.2010) Zurich. An extended liturgy will be introduced in the international New Apostolic Church with the start of the new Church year. In a letter to all the Church’s ministers the international Church leader, Chief Apostle Wilhelm Leber, designated the first Sunday of Advent as the starting point of this new development. In the letter he states that it is his wish to notify the ministers of this change already at this early point in time. [En savoir plus]

The creed of the New Apostolic Church has been revised

(06.06.2010) Zurich. As of today the ten Articles of Faith of the New Apostolic Church will appear in revised format. By commission of Chief Apostle Wilhelm Leber, a Work Group has revised the New Apostolic creed. Concerning this, the international Church leader states: “On account of changes to some doctrinal statements, such as, for example, our understanding of Holy Baptism, a revision had become necessary.” The Chief Apostle goes on to mention that a more specific formulation had become necessary in many of these statements. The basic structure of the Articles of Faith remains unchanged however. [En savoir plus]

Membership figures of the global Church as at the end of 2009

(03.05.2010) Zurich. Some 10.5 million people around the world profess the New Apostolic faith. This is approximately 400,000 members, or 3.7 percent, less than the previous year. The reason: in some countries (predominantly in Africa) too few deaths were accounted for over the years. This was determined by means of detailed analyses based on the official death rates in the affected countries. [En savoir plus]

Church blessing on ruby wedding anniversaries

(20.04.2010) Zurich. Married couples who have been married for 40 years can now, at their express request, receive a Church blessing on their ruby wedding anniversary. This was resolved by the District Apostle Meeting during its spring session in Dortmund this March. The new resolution is valid around the world. [En savoir plus]
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