Word of the Month

Blessing goes deeper

October 1999

The Lord blesses! However, we should be clear about the fact that God's blessing does not always bring an increase in earthly goods, health, fortune or the fulfillment of all our wishes. Of course, it is nice to also be blessed in this manner. Nevertheless, we must be aware that God's blessing goes deeper, that it reveals itself in a spiritual fashion and above all, that it pertains to our soul life.

Is it not a rich blessing to have a strong faith, with which the battles of faith can be fought victoriously? With such a faith it is then not difficult to penetrate ever deeper into knowledge and understanding, to follow unerringly and thereby, step by step, to come ever closer to the promised goal.

Is it not a rich blessing, to be filled with a deep love towards God and his work? With such a love, it is possible to withstand all temptation without spoiling our joy and to remain faithful to God. Even if iniquity should abound (cf. Matthew 24:12) and take the upper hand, this would not cause this love to wax cold among the blessed.

Is it not a rich blessing, to be anchored in a firm, rock-like hope upon the day of the Lord and the fulfillment of the promise (cf. John 14:3)? Upon such a hope, an unshakeable trust in the Godly guidance is established as well as the willingness to endure until the end, despite all adversity.

All this blessing flows to us out of the word of God. Those who come under the activity of the word inspired by the Holy Spirit humbly, and with a longing in their heart, may experience that their faith is strengthened, their love deepened and their hope intensified.

What a blessing!

With heartfelt greetings,<br/>

Richard Fehr