Word of the Month

Godly food

June 1999

God once gave the Prophet Ezekiel the commission to proclaim the word and the will of God to the Israelites. In addition, the Almighty also gave his servant the instruction to open his mouth and eat a book that "was written within and without", and that was offered to him by an outstretched Hand. (Ezekiel 2:8-10)

What does this example indicate? The Prophet was to convey that which he had received from God. The fact that the book was written within and without indicates that the message was very rich in content. The content of the book intended for Ezekiel was by no means pleasant but instead consisted primarily of "lamentations, and mourning, and woe". That was not surprising, when one considers the disobedience of God's people at that time, to whom the prophet was to go and preach.

Today, God's servants also have the commission to receive and "to eat" that which is offered to them from the throne of God, daily and anew. In each divine service, they convey that which the Holy Spirit reveals unto them. But the books no longer contain "lamentations, and mourning, and woe" but instead strength, blessing, peace and joy. However, the activity of grace, the word of God, the help received from the heights of Heaven, the peace of Christ and the Godly blessing follow a Godly order: One has to open one's mouth and eat! This also means to receive the word of God with a longing heart and that our conduct in our faith shall be to grasp the grace, to follow joyfully and to remain faithful unto the end. For us, this means: open your mouth, your heart and your soul and to eat and drink that which the loving God prepares for you!

The son of God depicted himself as the bread of life from heaven. He gives us strength on our way to the goal so that nothing, neither spirit nor thought, can hold us up. The water of life quickens us and conveys comfort and peace. Nobody can give comfort like our Lord through his spirit, that he has sent as the comforter. The word of the Lord is sweet and makes us healthy just like honey, which is also often used for medicinal purposes. This word insulates from the cold of unbelief. The "bountiful message" from above should not only taste good but also have a positive effect: to mobilise the strength that we require to joyfully walk along the path of faith until the end.

Most sincerely,<br/>

Richard Fehr