Word of the Month

A Blessed New Year

January 1999

We have already crossed the threshold of the year 1999. Nobody can stop the transition from the old year to the new one. Time pushes forward irresistibly. The question; "How will circumstances develop", cannot be answered conclusively by any of us; today this is still hidden, the veil of mystery covers the future.

Does this now mean that we have to enter the impending period of time anxiously and insecurely? Not at all! Even if we don't know in detail the circumstances we will have to undergo, nonetheless, decisive issues are known to us, which we may trust and rely on unconditionally in future days and months. What kind of issues are these?

  • the strong Hand of God that lovingly surrounds us every day. As followers of Christ, we are given the promise by the Son of God, that no man shall pluck us out of this hand (cf. John 10:28-29).
  • the marvellous Grace and Kindness of God, which is beyond words, and on which we may count on every day.
  • the wonderful Word of God as the "Elixir" for the life of our soul, that again and again conveys heavenly messages to us, bringing joy and strength.
  • the wake-up call "Our Lord comes!", that keeps the assurance of His imminent appearance alive within ourselves.

If we contemplate the future from this point of view, then the time ahead of us will be filled with the light of recognition and determined by our strong and active faith. Therefore, with a joyful spirit and strong heart we proceed into the new period of time.

Blessings and best wishes<br/> Yours<br/>

Richard Fehr