Word of the Month

A tiny little cloud

June 2018

At times we feel we are on the verge of losing courage. We pray, but nothing happens—or practically nothing, anyway. In any case, it is not what we were expecting. This situation is just like Elijah praying for rain at the summit of Mount Carmel. He wrestles with God, and even holds his head between his knees as he prays. Once, twice, three times he prays. And after every prayer he sends his servant out in order to see if any clouds have yet appeared over the sea. And every time the answer is: “Nothing.” He prays a fourth time, a fifth time, and even a sixth time—and each time he receives the same answer: “Nothing to see.” After the seventh prayer, however, the servant comes back with the news, “A tiny little cloud about the size of a man’s fist is rising up from the sea.”

A harmless little cloud—is that supposed to be the response of God to Elijah’s superhuman efforts? Indeed it is! Because this little cloud soon turns into a mighty torrent of rain.

Please do not allow yourself to become discouraged when your prayers do not seem to have their desired effect! Just keep praying and stay on the lookout for the little cloud that will tell you, “Your help is on the way! The blessing is coming! Suddenly it will be revealed!”

Food for thought from a divine service by the Chief Apostle