Word of the Month

Celebrating the Sunday

May 2018

It is a blessed tradition for us as Christians to celebrate the Sunday. In so doing, we profess the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

In the space of a week, we experience many an injustice and learn about many evils that occur in the world. Then we gather together on Sunday and profess: “Jesus is risen. He has overcome death, evil, and sin. He has the last word!” This is a wonderful way of closing the week and beginning a new week.

We profess the resurrection of the dead and hope for our own transformation.

We await the resurrection of the dead and the transformation of the living. No matter what we have experienced, no matter what we have lived through, no matter what we have seen: our hope is founded upon the resurrection of Christ. We send a message every time we gather together for divine service on Sunday and give first place to that which is truly important in our lives.

We profess goodness.

People demonstrate for various reasons, at times because they want to make it clear: “We are not in agreement with this or that. We see things differently.” As Christians, we are not in agreement with injustice or with the prevalence of evil. And we also demonstrate this when we gather together on Sunday for divine service. We believe in the victory of good over evil. We believe in the resurrection of Jesus Christ and in His return.

Let us celebrate every Sunday in this manner.

Yours with heartfelt greetings,

Jean-Luc Schneider