Word of the Month

God is faithful!

January 2018

A new year always begins with expectations: how will the year turn out? What will it bring? At such times people even venture to cast a speculative glance into the future and make certain predictions, albeit cautiously.

Even with regard to the Church, the districts, and the congregations, we go into the new year with certain expectations—not to mention lots of open questions: what will the ongoing development of the Church bring with it? What can we do to influence it? How will things progress?

When we think about it realistically, we must concede that we cannot predict the future. Even our options for influencing—not to mention steering—these developments are limited. But in contrast to all human undertakings, we have an unassailable reason for going into the future filled with hope and optimism. The reason for our confidence is that our God is faithful! We can rely on His word. He fulfils His promises. He stands by His commitments. He will be with His Apostles to the end of the age. He will complete His church. And He will also bless us in the new year. That is as certain as the “Amen” in church.

Food for thought from a divine service by the Chief Apostle

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