Word of the Month

Praising God — A mission for the whole congregation

October 2015

It is one of the tasks of the church of Christ to bring adoration and praise to God. All believers whom Jesus Christ has called together, and who have become part of His church, have been given the mission to praise and glorify God, each one of us very personally in our own lives—by simply being a Christian and living our faith in practice—and all of us together as a congregation gathered for divine service. Every divine service is a collective expression of praise to God.

The praise of God and the worship of His majesty will never cease. Even in the new creation we will praise and glorify God. All other tasks and purposes of the church will be fulfilled and come to an end. However, this task will remain. If we think about this for a moment, this praise of God takes on an entirely new dimension: we are all part of the church in order to glorify God. If we are all aware of this task and see it as our purpose in the congregation, many problems will solve themselves all on their own. For example, no one would ever arrive at the thought of wanting to impose his or her own thoughts and ideas on anyone else. A congregation that joins together in worship and praise is not well suited as a venue to showcase personal conceits.

Collective praise is a sure indicator of unity. God wants us to work on this together and set a good example, such that the mission of the church may be fulfilled, namely to give everyone access to salvation in Christ, proclaim the gospel, and bring God the praise and worship He is due. Everyone knows we will never succeed in this on our own. For this we need one another!

Food for thought from a divine service by the Chief Apostle