Word of the Month

His work - or our work?

September 2015

When you identify with a cause, you make that cause your own. This was also how it was for David, who made it his cause to bring back the Ark of the Covenant and build the temple.  That was how important the sanctification of the people through the right form of worship was to him. However, God corrected David’s ideas about this endeavour in one decisive point. David would have dearly loved to have begun the construction of the temple himself, but God had something else in mind: his son Solomon was to build the temple. David subjected himself to the Lord’s will and simply gathered all the necessary materials so that his son could make a reality of these plans.

We all have our own ideas and thoughts about how God’s work should look, how it should be led, and how it should be completed. But here and there God makes it clear to us that our well-intentioned ideas do not correspond to His plan. Are we at such times prepared to say, “Yes Lord, it is Your work. Lead it as You please”? Or do we withdraw and take offence?  Shouldn’t God be able to require of us the same that He has always required of all those who have ever committed themselves to His cause, namely that they should leave the leading to Him and put their own ideas into the background from time to time? A tried and true servant of God once coined the phrase: “God will not necessarily complete our work, but we can be certain that He will complete His work”. This is an important statement ‒ and it is not just for ministers.

Food for thought from a divine service by the Chief Apostle