Word of the Month

What am I supposed to do with this?

May 2015

Coming up with a suitable gift for young girls and boys on their confirmation is not always easy. After all, they aren’t little children anymore, but they aren’t quite grown up yet either, and at that age in life, wishes and preferences are quick to change. What might have brought great joy to a confirmand may not be of interest to him anymore by the time he turns fifteen. After all, by then he is already much older and not “just a little kid” anymore. For this reason, people often just send money so that the young people can spend it on something they actually like, something that corresponds to their wishes. Perhaps later on, their aunt or grandfather might ask them, “So what did you buy yourself with that money anyway?” People are interested in what they have done with the gift of money they have received.

In every divine service, we receive a gift—one that is very precious and which each of us can use and apply in a very personal way: it is the power that comes from Holy Communion. No one will ask us to give an account of what we have done with it, but we should ask ourselves every now and again: “What have you actually done with this gift?” Perhaps there will already be an opportunity to make use of this power out of Holy Communion in a very specific way on Monday. For example, when we experience injustice, when we experience a time of trial, let us remember this power from the Lord’s Supper and endure in the knowledge that we can master this situation with the help of the Lord! Or even if we have failed for the umpteenth time in trying to improve ourselves and do better, let us nevertheless give it another try and start over again.

There are endless opportunities to apply the power we receive from Holy Communion. Let us do something with it!

Food for thought from a divine service by the Chief Apostle