Word of the Month

What we love about our faith

August 2013

The motto of a recent youth service in Berlin, Germany - “Loving faith, living faith, sharing faith” - really spoke to me. And I must say that it was the first part, namely “loving faith”, that moved me the most. What does it mean to love our faith? Right off the top we could say: “I love going to the divine services and I love getting together with the brothers and sisters.” But there is something even deeper: we believe that there is a God. We believe that God is the Almighty. It is God who guides the history of mankind. It is God who leads and guides my life. I am not at the mercy of the whims of fate, nor am I at the mercy of any other power.

At times we have the impression that the history of the world is written by some other power, for example, the power of money, the power of violence, or some other earthly power. At such times we think: “These are the powers that define the lives of mankind, these are the powers that define history, and these are the powers that define my life.” How good it is to know that it is not some power - be it money or politics or anything else - that defines my life. It is God! God defines my life. God writes the history of humanity. God also writes my story. That is what I love about my faith.

I love this faith too. We not only believe in God, but we believe that this God is a God of love. He has only one goal in mind: He wants to lead all human beings into fellowship with Him. Where else could we find such a God? He does not merely rule in omnipotence from His throne above. This God has also come down to us in all humbleness in Jesus Christ, and has even given His life for us!

I was not even born yet. I had not even done anything yet. And nevertheless He loved me - He loved me before I even existed! I also love this faith, which each and every one can understand, because the gospel is easy for anyone to grasp. The Lord Jesus not only stands by the great, the strong, and the best - no! He also loves the poor, the weak, and the imperfect, who are a little crooked, who are a little on the fringes. And He loves them all the same. And I love the faith that tells us that the Lord is coming soon! Let us make it our task to spread this faith and bring it to the attention of others!

(From a divine service by the Chief Apostle)