Word of the Month

The right way to follow

February 2012

Jesus once spoke of the two ways and the two gates (cf. Matthew 7: 13-14). The one gate is wide and there is a broad way that leads to it. The other way is narrow and difficult and leads through a narrow gate. This narrow way leads to life, but the broad way, as it says in Holy Scripture, leads to destruction.

Let us have eternal life and follow Christ. What does this mean? It means that we are to act as Jesus did.

  • Jesus loved His heavenly Father. When He was tempted by the Devil and shown all the riches of the world and when the Devil wanted Jesus to worship him, Jesus answered him with the words of Scripture: “You shall worship the Lord your God and Him only you shall serve” (cf. Luke 4: 8). When compared with our love for God, the riches of the world are not important to us. Let us love God!
  • Jesus loved those around Him. For this reason let us also treat our neighbour with love. Jesus was willing to forgive. He offered people His help. Let us conduct ourselves in like manner. The narrow way of following means that we should treat our neighbour with love, both in the congregation and in our social environment. This also means that we are to be willing to forgive and offer help to everyone.
  • Jesus trusted His heavenly Father and expressed this so wonderfully in the words: “Father … not My will, but Yours, be done” (cf. Luke 22: 42).
  • Jesus professed that He was the Son of the living God (cf. e.g. Luke 22: 70; John 10: 36-37). Let us profess our faith on the path we follow. When we talk to others, let us profess that we are New Apostolic Christians.
  • Jesus overcame the Devil. Let us too overcome the things that do not please God as we walk upon this narrow way.

May this be our task for the future, namely that we remain steadfast in our love toward our neighbour, in willingness to forgive, in trusting God, in professing our New Apostolic faith, and that we remain upon this narrow way by overcoming that which does not please God. That is the way we should follow.

Scripture calls this way a difficult way. There is a difference between walking upon the broad way – where you can easily sway to the left or to the right – and walking upon the narrow way, where you must be careful and pay attention to every step. On a narrow path you cannot simply walk to the left or the right, but must remain upon the path. This means that we must pay attention every day. Where we have decisions to make, we should ask ourselves which decision would please God and which would be the way of sin. On the narrow way we need points of orientation. These are the divine services. That is where we receive strength.

Above all, the narrow way is a wonderful way where we feel the nearness of God. This way leads to a glorious goal, namely to be with the Lord for all eternity. May God grant us grace so that we all reach this goal!    

(From a divine service by the Chief Apostle)