Word of the Month

Wells of salvation

August 2009

“You will draw water from the wells of salvation.” These words of the prophet Isaiah (12:3) in the Old Testament were already a reference to the time of the Lord Jesus. The Lord Jesus had not yet been born, but the prophet knew of the things that were to happen in the future, and he described them by saying there would one day be wonderful wells of salvation. The most important well of salvation is Jesus, and all those who ever drew water from this well benefited greatly from it. They were blessed and truly felt the love of the Lord Jesus.

Today too there are wells of salvation, all of which are naturally connected with Jesus Christ. In all congregations we can make some wonderful discoveries. First and foremost is the word of God, which is preached in the congregations. This is a wonderful well of salvation. We draw water from this well by opening our hearts. Let us not only absorb the word from the altar with our intellect, but rather let us allow it to penetrate our soul. The divine word is always a special kind of water because it quenches the thirst of the soul.

Another well of salvation is the grace that is offered to us. Let us draw water from this well and not only marvel at its beauty. This would not do us any good at all. Just imagine admiring a beautiful fountain spouting water. It is certainly beautiful to watch, but our thirst will not be quenched just by looking at it. We must draw water from it and drink. When grace is offered, we must draw the water of salvation from this well. This means that we must be truly prepared to reconcile, and that we must sincerely implore the Lord to forgive us. This is what it means to draw water from the well of grace.

Yet another well of salvation is prayer. This is a wonderful opportunity to receive power and strength from our heavenly Father. But we must draw the water from it. This means that we must not simply pray as a matter of habit, but rather put our whole heart into our prayers. Let us pray fervently and sincerely. By drawing water from this well we will feel God’s nearness. Then we will also notice His help. He helps. He is salvation. Let us draw water from this well. My advice is to pray every day – and to pray sincerely. We are used to praying with our families in the morning and the evening wherever possible. But we can also pray throughout the day whenever we feel a need to do so. We do not even need to fold our hands. We can send a sigh heavenward. This is also a kind of prayer, provided that we put our whole heart into it. By drawing from this well of prayer we will be able to experience great miracles of God.

Offering is another well of salvation. If we are faithful to the Lord we will not only bring Him our material gifts, i.e. our offerings, but will also do our share in His work, and devote our time to Him with our whole heart. This will thereby become a well from which we can draw, because the Lord will bless us.

Another beautiful well is the fellowship we enjoy in our congregation. This is no ordinary gathering. This fellowship is a source of strength from which we can draw. If we feel at ease within this fellowship and fill our place in the congregation, this will serve as a wonderful well for us.

(From a divine service by the Chief Apostle)