Word of the Month

PRAYING means asking about the will of God

May 2009

Apostle Paul gave the Christians in his time the advice: “Pray without ceasing!” It must have been clear to him that no one would have been able to spend the entire day engrossed in prayer. Nevertheless, we can always seek a connection to the Lord.

No morning should begin without prayer. As soon as we get out of bed, we immediately kneel and pray – if possible, with the whole family. And at night we do the same: before going to bed we kneel and pray. That is something that we can do regularly every day. We also pray before meals: we thank God for the food and ask for His blessing upon it. That is how I understand the concept of regular prayer. But to “pray without ceasing” can also imply that we continually send our thoughts to our heavenly Father and that we repeatedly ask the Lord what His will holds for us.

When a young man meets a girl and falls in love, he may well ask himself the question whether this is going to be his partner for life. Why not ask God what He thinks first? It also works the other way around. After having fallen in love, a young lady can also ask God if this man is the right one. If we do this in faith, we will receive an answer from the Lord. He thus permits us to make experiences of faith and we will receive a clear indication whether this is the right one or not.

The Apostle goes on to recommend: “In everything give thanks.” If we pray without ceasing, and we experience our faith as a result, we will also find it possible to be thankful. The more we pay attention to the ways in which God intervenes in our lives and paves the ways for us, the more thankful we will be. On one occasion Apostle Paul and his companion Silas were cast into prison. About midnight they began to praise and thank God. They knew that they were in the hand of God. They knew that no one would be able to do them any harm without the permission of God. Suddenly the earth began to shake, and their chains fell from them. A moment later, the doors burst open and they were free.

When we praise the Lord and give thanks to Him we too can experience His miracles.  

(From a divine service by the Chief Apostle)