Greater emphasis on internal communication


The man responsible for internal communications within the New Apostolic Church International: Andreas Grossglauser, right (photo: NACI)

Zurich. “It has become necessary to expand our internal communications on account of the increased needs and challenges we face,” says Peter Johanning, spokesman for the New Apostolic Church International, who has since last fall been working closely with Andreas Grossglauser. The 44-year-old comes from Bern, and has in past years worked as a communications consultant and fundraiser in various mandates serving the social services and capital investments sector.

For the most part, Andreas Grossglauser’s future tasks will revolve around internal Church matters. He will be providing services in the area of communications to the Chief Apostle, the District Apostles, as well as the various national church administration offices. However, his project mandate will also involve a significant amount of work in the field of public relations for the Church.

Andreas Grossglauser will also be dedicating a portion of his working time to the District Apostle district of District Apostle Markus Fehlbaum (Switzerland, Southern Europe, and Eastern Europe), here likewise in the area of communications.

Andreas Grossglauser is married, and the father of two children.

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