Word of the Month

For the New Year

January 2004

We have crossed the threshold into the year 2004 and have already lived through its first few days. What do the next twelve months hold in store for us? Nobody knows this. Nonetheless there are people who would dearly love to know what the future holds in store, so they consult clairvoyants, card readers, soothsayers, or astrologers. They do this in hopes that the "revelations" of these individuals will help them learn something of their future. But such ventures hold great dangers and usually end in disappointment.

For thousands of years already people have attempted to discover what the future might hold in store for them by consulting soothsayers. On this subject we read in the Holy Scriptures: "Give no regard to mediums and familiar spirits; do not seek after them, to be defiled by them" (Leviticus 19:31), and: "Do not let your diviners deceive you" (Jeremiah 29:8).

Naturally, we also have a great interest in that which the future weeks and months of this year will bring. Based on the knowledge we have gained through our beautiful faith, we place our fate into the hand of our heavenly Father each day anew. Then we are in good hands and know we are enveloped by His grace. There is no one who could offer us anything better. Our main focus is not so much directed toward earthly events, but rather we think about our spiritual future. We are well off in this respect because we are permitted to consult the one authority that knows the future exactly! We are talking about the highest authority in this field: the help and assistance of the Holy Spirit!

I wish you a most blessed New Year 2004,<br/> R. Fehr