Word of the Month

God's help

November 2003

"He may not help just when we plead, yet still God helps in time of need." This bit of wisdom has proven itself time and again, because our faithful God is only too glad to help. Often we do not even notice that He has helped. Even when we feel unhappy and discontent, or are distressed on account of sickness and burdens, the Lord is close to us. Without His help the crisis might be even greater.

God's help takes on many forms. For one there is the angel service. The Lord has put it at our disposal. Often we only recognize in hindsight that we hadn't simply "been lucky", but rather that the angels of the Lord had kept us from harm. Let us be thankful for such help!

If we feel isolated and lonely we may still rest assured: the Lord is with us. The Son of God promised His Apostles: "I am with you always, even to the end of the age." (Matthew 28:20). We experience the fulfilment of this promise through the Apostles. Even if we feel completely abandoned, the Lord is with us and wants to help us. It is always recommendable to seek the Lord's help: in illness, in great misfortune, trials, and cares, but especially in spiritual crises and mental anguish, and when we are sad. If we fervently plead the Lord to help us, He will intervene at the right moment and grant us His help.

God's help also lies in the Word. It is light, life, and power. It lifts us up when we are on the ground and would rather just give up. And what great help is contained in God's grace, when, through Jesus' sacrifice all sins and debts are forgiven and the spirits of darkness no longer have a claim against us. The grace of Holy Baptism accompanies us on our earthly path, the baptism of the Spirit makes us heirs of glory, and through the Holy Communion we have intimate fellowship with Jesus Christ. What magnificent help from God! It makes our lives worth living.

The help of God carries us through all circumstances to the goal of our faith. It conveys peace and comfort, refuge and hope. The knowledge: "Our Lord is coming", constitutes a source of strength beyond compare. Nothing is as sure as the return of Christ to take home the bride! We do not only believe this - we know it. This knowledge ought to live in us and urge us to petition the Lord repeatedly: "Be gracious to us weak human beings to become worthy to see Your glory on the day of Your Son!" We may be certain that He will hear us.

(From a service by the Chief Apostle)