Word of the Month

Led aright

August 2002

The author of the Proverbs warns: "In all your ways acknowledge Him [the Lord], and He shall direct your paths." (Proverbs 3:6). God the Lord is the authority we acknowledge reverently in faith. We trustingly allow ourselves to be led by Him on all our paths, in the firm certainty that He will stand by us and help us at the right moment.

There are many paths we could follow.

The important thing is that we remain upon the path of faith, because this path alone will lead to God. Thus it is also necessary to follow a path of schooling, because we attend the divine school in order to be prepared for the future. Various subjects are taught at this school. One learns the language of the Holy Spirit. One learns to reckon with the blessing of God. And in the subject of divine geography, the great dimensions, but also the limits of the work of God, the mountain of blissfulness and the sea of mercy are introduced to the students.

Many a one must follow a path of trials. On this path it is important that we believe and also trust God in difficult times. Whoever has concerns and cares, whoever suffers from physical or spiritual illnesses, may rely upon the Lord and cast all their burdens on the Lord.

Whoever wishes to reach the goal must also follow the path of the overcomer. The temptation to sin must be resisted, for sin separates from God. Willingness to reconcile is also important on the way to the goal; sometimes it is hard to forgive if one has suffered injustice. But if we bear a grudge, and cannot forget, we actually only burden ourselves more.

Sometimes these paths appear stony or dark, but if we trust in the Lord, He will grant us strength and lead us through. How happy it makes one to have successfully passed the test, and to have thus come a little further ahead.

We always find ourselves upon a sunny mountain path again, because the Light that is Jesus Christ shines into our lives. Certainly, fog may develop now and again—an image representing doubt—but the light of grace can dispel it. When the Lord is active and works upon us through word and grace, the doubts disappear and faith becomes firm and strong again. Thus equipped, we stride forward under the leadership of the Lord. Joy is justified, because our path home ends in the Father's house. As children of the Most High, we are His heirs. He is preparing His glory for His people.

(Excerpt from a divine service of the Chief Apostle)