Word of the Month

Miracles in our Time

August 2000

The Lord reveals himself to his people in miracles even in our time; to recognize them, however, requires Godfear. Whoever wants to see signs first and then believe, misunderstands the Godly order of precedence. If one approaches the altar of God longing for salvation and faithfully accepts the word prompted by the Spirit, in such a heart the valuable plant of Godfear can grow. Those who remain in the teachings of Jesus, lead an active prayer life and worthily partake of Holy Communion increase their Godfear and embark on a development which is desired by God, and that ultimately leads to completion. In a soul where Godfear is found, miracles and signs can be experienced also in our days.

If we speak of miracles, then most people think foremostly of the healing of bodily ailments. Certainly, the Lord Jesus healed the sick - as a sign of his Godly power. But his commission had a different goal: the redemption of mankind out of the servitude of Satan. Is it therefore not a greater miracle, when sicknesses of the soul are healed? To this end, the "Godly pharmacy" has many remedies - against doubt, unbelief, even against hatred and envy.

Is it not a miracle when a doubter becomes a testifier of God's work, when a mocker, who has derided all things Godly, becomes a prayer, when an unbeliever becomes a follower of Christ? What a great miracle, when the Lord grants grace to sinners!

Signs and miracles are recognized by those that fear God. The grace with which the Lord encounters us is a marvelous sign of his love and care. When peace, joy and confidence fill our heart through the word of God, when the tumult of this time gives way to quiet, and we find refuge in the fellowship of the children of God, then the Lord has given us a wonderful sign that He is at our side and leads and guides us. And when our way to the goal is made sure through confidence borne of faith, when we can faithfully follow and overcome our weaknesses more and more - are these not miracles performed by God upon our souls?

However, the greatest miracle shall be when the Son of God comes again and we find grace and can enter into eternal glory.

With heartfelt greetings,<br/> Yours,

Richard Fehr