Word of the Month

God's Fountains of Strength

February 2000

God's fountains of strength are inexhaustible, multifaceted and have an unmeasurable effect. Out of them flows the ability to recognize the truth of the joyful tidings of Christ, to follow Jesus, the Prince of Life, and his ambassadors faithfully and to resolutely walk on the way which is prepared by him, that leads to reconciliation with God.

Where do we draw Godly strength? First and foremostly out of God's word! When the eternal God spoke the words "Let there be...!" then the elements and even the universe stirred. What tremendous powers were at work when light and darkness were divided, as the firmament was separated from the waters and the continents and oceans were created. What was not all set into motion, when the earth became fruitful, brought forth thousand of forms of vegetation and the animal kingdom came into being. All this occurred through God's word! Apostle John was aware of this, when he opened his gospel with the observation: "In the beginning was the word, and the word was with God, and the word was God. All things were made by him; and without him was not any thing made that was made." (John 1:1,3) What a fountain of strength!

And then the word became flesh: Jesus Christ, the son of God, the word from the Father which had become flesh, came upon earth to mankind. What powers revealed themselves at the birth of Jesus; what powers were moved, as the Son of God brought the supreme sacrifice, as thereupon the earth quaked and hell trembled, because Christ had gained the victory over death and hell.

The word of God is still active today. The one who receives the word in faith will experience what strength lies within him, when the word strengthens, uplifts, comforts and leads forward. Much is moved in the hearts and souls, in the congregations, in the districts, in the entire work of God! The word of the Psalmist is fulfilled: "The Lord will give strength unto his people." (Psalm 29:11)

The Lord gives strength through His grace, that we can draw again and again from the Holy Communion. In His grace, He forgives our sins, frees us from all burdens, grants blessing, produces peace, brings about joy. What strength flows towards us, when we thankfully lay claim to these expressions of grace. Prayer develops marvelous strength even further. The intercessions that are placed before the throne of God on our behalf are a fountain of strength without equal. Therefore we want to join in the chorus of those that pray and with our petitions, move the powers of heaven. Something else gives strength: oneness among each other. According to the vernacular, oneness makes us strong. That is valid in the natural, but even more so in the spiritual.

When together we support and help one another in our mutual striving towards the goal, the eternal fellowship with God and His Son, allow word and grace to work upon us and cultivate a healthy prayer life, then the word of the Psalmist "The Lord will give strength unto his people" will not just be a theory, but something that we have experienced in practice.

With heartfelt greetings,<br/> Yours,

Richard Fehr