Word of the Month

For the New Year

January 2000

The transition from 1999 to 2000 is an event of special significance to many people. This change of an era has given rise to many interpretations. For example, tradition tells us that the year 1000 had been interpreted and considered to have been the beginning of the thousand year Kingdom of Christ on Earth. History, however, teaches us differently.

Many similar happenings have been predicted for the year 2000; great expectations fill the hearts of many people. We can have a certain understanding for this. We should not forget, however, that our calendar and thereby our measurement of time in no way corresponds to the actual number of years that have transpired since Jesus' birth. The understanding of dates was too imprecise; moreover, the calculations have been changed and redetermined.

Therefore, we consider the newly begun era designated by the year 2000 simply as a renewed time of life, grace and completion intended for us by God in His goodness. The Lord grants great salvation at the right time. This thought occupies me, when I think of our future. This salvation is also made available in our time by our heavenly Father, and something better could not be offered unto us.

Thus it remains: the glad tidings of redemption and salvation will not lose any relevance in the course of the days, weeks and months of the coming year. Therefore, we want to rejoice that we have been found worthy to receive the great evidence of Godly love and care connected with these tidings.

In this spirit I greet you in the all-encompassing love of Jesus and remain,


Richard Fehr