Word of the Month

Faith helps

November 1999

"Thy faith hath saved thee!" The Lord Jesus addressed these words to the woman who anointed his feet (cf. Luke 7:50). This is also valid today: faith helps - always, and in many different ways. When our intellect no longer knows how to go on, faith takes over and shows the way.

Faith helps combat against unbelief, skepticism and superstition, against doubt. By far not all associated matters are clear to us; many a question still remains unanswered. But one day we will receive an answer - not then, when we think "it's about time!", but then, when the most High considers it to be good and right. We encounter disappointments, aggravations and annoyances, strange ideas bring about insecurity and suddenly, thoughts of doubt are awakened. How can we counter these problems? With a childlike faith! Let us always be strengthened anew under the word of God, because faith comes out of hearing the word of Godly preaching.

In our modern, enlightened age, superstition is once again on the upswing. One is only steered towards strange beliefs and excesses with their various offshoots. On the other hand, how much difficulty does there seem to be to believe the holy gospel, Christ's message of salvation, proclaimed by the spirit of God through Jesus' messengers! The Son of God predicted this and asked whether he would find faith on earth when he would come again to save his elect (cf. Luke 18:8).

Faith also helps us ward off tiredness, declining joy, hopelessness and diminishing love. Where faith is alive and produces works of faith, no spiritual tiredness will arise. When everything looks grey, cloudy and bleak, then faith can help one to rejoice in the Lord again. And where all hope has died out and one feels that nothing matters anymore, then only one thing can help: faith must be strengthened under the word of God. He alone can grant new perspectives, confidence and security.

There where faith pulsates and grows in the soul, there is no chance that love diminishes, because faith warms the heart. Faith can accomplish even more: it makes righteous, motivates prayer, yes, it can even move mountains. Think of Noah, of Abraham: because they believed, God imputed it to them for righteousness (cf. Romans 4, Hebrews 11). Those who faithfully pray can also experience how prayer deepens their faith. Even when mountains of sin and sorrow tower over us, when mountains of self-accusation or irreconcilability block our path, faith can remove them, because grace becomes active out of the sacrifice of Jesus. Then, the words that the Lord Jesus directed to the woman will also apply for us: "Go in peace".

With heartfelt greetings,<br/>

Richard Fehr