Word of the Month

To be in the Lord

July 1998

To be in the Lord, in other words to take on the spirit, the mind and attitude of Jesus, one must keep God's Word. The Apostle John describes it as being an absolute prerequisite, and adds: "...in him verily is the love of God perfected." (1. John 2,5)

The Word of God is light and help to us in all aspects of life. It shows us the way we are to follow. The Word of God is spirit and life and lasts for ever. When we open ourselves to it, the Word stirs up faith within us. Where faith is alive, one receives the strength to overcome evil. And wonderful is promised to him who overcomes: whoever remains faithful unto death will be given a crown of life (cf. Revelation 2, 10). That's why we keep God's Word so that we are in him.

How else do we recognise that we are in him? When we serve him! One of the most striking features of Jesus was that he served. With his extraordinary gifts and powers he could have ruled over the people. He healed the sick, brought people back from the dead, fed thousands with a few loaves and fishes, and spoke with authority. The people were amazed and wanted to make him their king. But he served! If we wish to be in him, we must serve each other, then we are valuable members of the Church, a blessing for brother and sister, for searching souls and for our own.

To be in him, we must also try to avoid sin. Certainly, our sins will be forgiven, but it is better if we try beforehand to overcome sin, because sin makes us weary (cf. Hebrews 12,1). We do not want to become weary but rather grow in the many virtues of Christ.

The last characteristic is the sacrifice we bring for the Lord and his work. The Lord Jesus gave himself as a sacrifice. He, who was without guilt or sin, gave his life for us, preparing the way that our souls may be made free. He died for us on the cross, we may receive salvation. We want to be in him, to be like him, so that we may be received in grace when he appears. May God, our heavenly Father, let it come to pass!

Most sincerely,<br/>

Richard Fehr