Word of the Month

Heavenly Blessing

May 1998

The source of all blessing is God. There is no doubt about this, and truly blessed is the one, who as a child of God acquired spiritual riches in his life of faith. This possession is not transitory, but remains for all eternity. What is the greatest blessing God our Heavenly Father prepares for his people today? His Word and Grace.

How is the gospel proclaimed? How do we learn about God's will? How do we receive forgiveness of all our guilt and sin? Through the Word from the holy altar.

How does God form a covenant with us as sinful human beings? How do we receive the Holy Spirit? How do we find the most intimate fellowship with the resurrected Son of God? In the sacraments: Holy Baptism, Holy Sealing, and Holy Communion.

Word and Grace are the greatest of God's blessings. Therefore they should be the central point of our life.

How we can receive the blessing of God is an open secret: Obedience in faith leads us to experience our faith in many ways. This fortifies the soul and is an incomparable blessing, for the protection, comfort, and help we have experienced ourselves, and prayers that have been heard, will not be denied. What we have felt and experienced ourselves is very personal: it is the hand of God that has helped us.

The fear of God brings blessings. It is and remains the beginning of all wisdom (cf. Psalm 111:10). Whoever in a divine sense is truly wise, possessing a God-fearing heart, can be certain that blessings will come. Prayer and grateful sacrifice are further prerequisites to be blessed by God. For how can anybody expect to receive blessings, if he is too tired or too idle to pray and thus does not give thanks to God?

Let us therefore seek first the Kingdom of God and his righteousness, then as the Lord Jesus promised, these things shall be added unto us (cf. Matthew 6:33). This is an immeasurable blessing, often natural, but always spiritual.

Most sincerely,<br/>

Richard Fehr