Word of the Month

Help from above

October 1997

When Gideon was given the task of leading the people of Israel to victory over their enemies, he asked God for confirmation. As a sign to be sure that God had chosen him to be their commander, he asked that a fleece of wool he had put on the threshing floor be moistened with dew and the place around remain dry. God, the master over the laws of nature, delivered the proof of his omnipotence - and at Gideon's request even twice (cf. Judges 6:37-40).

An event from ancient times. What does it tell us today?

We too may ask our Heavenly Father to show us that we are his children, that he loves us, that he has chosen us and helps us. In answer to our prayers, we don't expect the laws of nature to be set aside; in our life of faith there are enough signs and indications of this to comfort us, strengthen us and give us joy.

I will set him in safety from him that would ensnare him.' the Lord proclaimed through the Psalmist (cf. Psalm 12:5). Do we also recognise a sign of his love in this? In our daily lives, when we receive help from others, we also experience how valuable such a service of love is. How much greater and more important then is God's help, which he makes available to us again and again.

Let us remember especially the help of God that is found in the grace of Jesus Christ and in the comfort of the Holy Spirit. Whoever accepts God's word in faith, allows it to move his heart and acts accordingly, receives light, power, and life. And as a result of the sacrifice made by Jesus, we receive grace forevermore. The Holy Spirit finally leads us in all truth and understanding. What an immeasurable help that is!

We shall experience the greatest help of all when Lord Jesus fulfils his promise and returns to take his people unto himself. Do we long for the Day of the Lord? Longing is a burning desire, an expression of love. Through the outpouring of the Holy Spirit, the love of God enters our hearts. It awakens and preserves our longing for the help that comes from the Lord, that will manifest itself to its fullest extent on the Day of the First Resurrection.

Most sincerely,<br/>

Richard Fehr