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Our Strength

August 1997

"Blessed is the man whose strength is in thee!" Unfortunately, not all people take this advice from Psalm 84 to their hearts. Instead, they rely on their own strength. In earthly life, it may be possible to build on one's own strength, yet, when it comes to leaving this world and entering the one beyond, all human achievements and abilities lose their importance, unless they were directed toward the divine.

Many consider their strength to be in having good connections. These can certainly be useful, important and valuable. In the world beyond, however, nobody, not even the Lord Jesus or God himself, will be interested in the connections one has in the world. And even if they had been helpful one's whole life long on earth - in the beyond, they are of no more use. There, only a close and heartfelt inner fellowship with God and his altar matter. Here on this earth also this relation is valuable, because from it we receive God's word of life, and grace, forgiveness, comfort and peace through Jesus Christ and joy even in sorrow.

There are many people who consider intelligence, knowledge and skill to be their strength. A catch phrase of our days gives it a name: "Knowledge is power!" This is quite definitely true, for knowledge and skill are a powerful influence and lead to a position of importance in everyday life. Yet, let us not deceive ourselves: They do not lead to blessedness.

Others consider money to be their strength. With money, many things become possible, but even in earthly life the most desirable and most important things cannot be acquired with money. One cannot buy the love of another person nor can one purchase goodwill or health. Nevertheless there are a large number of people who see the aim of their life in running after money and collecting earthly treasures. Yet, what does all the wealth help a man if his sins are not forgiven, if the Lord does not clear his debts?

That's why it is so important: "Blessed is the man whose strength is in thee!" The person who sincerely does this will follow the Lord with all his heart.

Most sincerely,<br/>

Richard Fehr


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