Word of the Month

Who are we?

July 1997

When the Lord Jesus entered Jerusalem just a few days before he gave his life in sacrifice, the entire city was in uproar, as we read in the Holy Scriptures. The people in the streets cheered, but they also asked "Who is this?" After the powerful sermons which the Son of God had given to audiences of thousands in the towns and villages, after the many miracles he had performed, raising the dead, healing the lame, restoring sight to the blind and cleansing the lepers, the people really should have known who Jesus Christ was.

Today we are also confronted with the question "Who are these?" There are many who have attended New Apostolic divine services, have been moved by the faith, the turning to God, the warmth and the joy they found in the congregation, have experienced the sense of fellowship, the willingness to sacrifice, and the determination to follow Christ. Yet they asked: "Who are these?" Although God's plan of salvation, as revealed in the Bible, has been explained to them, many do not understand what it is really about: preparation for the day when Jesus returns.

The decisive question for us, as New Apostolic Christians, is: "Do we know who we are?" We are children of God and, thus, are heirs to his kingdom! We obey the word of our Heavenly Father and remain in the fold of the congregation. We receive strength, confidence and joy from the Word of God for the lives we lead in faith, and peace and righteousness from the sacraments. We are people of strong faith. We are people who pray and move the powers of heaven. We are people who make sacrifices and want to receive the blessings of God. First and foremost, however, we await the coming of Jesus Christ - and this is not dreaming, this is no religious wishful thinking, this is our future!

We know who we are. And for this reason we take our faith seriously, remain faithful in following Christ and approach our goal of faith joyfully and confidently, every step of the way.

Most sincerely,<br/>

Richard Fehr