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Grace upon Grace

June 1997

The statement of the Apostle John is still and especially valid for God's people today: They receive grace for grace of Jesus' fulness! Fulness is a big supply, a certain abundance, thus a possession passing the amount necessary for life. But fulness in the divine sense is much more. It includes the impenetrable wealth of his eternal goods. To partake of this inexhaustible well means to take of his fulness.

The multitude of grace we can receive out of the fulness of Christ is so comprehensive, that it can not be enumerated completely. Nevertheless I want to mention some. A great grace, we receive by God, is his word possessing strength and power to change worlds, to mould hearts, yes even to make stones speak. Without God's word our life would be poor. Let us imagine our feelings and thoughts, our striving, our wishes and hopes without God's word - what would remain for us?

Out of the fulness we take as well grace of forgiveness. Without this the pile of our debts would grow without end. In our earthly life, this would perhaps be bearable, for we can repress and put aside the awareness of sin. But when one goes to the yonder realms and is no more able to avoid the laws of spiritual life this pile of debts will be overwhelming. Therefore we are so thankful, to be relieved from the burden of sin by the grace of forgiveness.

We partake of the grace of Holy Communion, with body and blood of Jesus absorbing the mind and attitude of the Son of God, experiencing the grace of fellowship with the Lord, rejoicing about the grace of divine peace, that gives our soul rest and security. Out of the divine fulness we may receive as well the grace of comfort - what a great gift in grief, sorrow and under the cross.

Who takes grace for grace out of the divine fulness, experiences already on earth immense blissfulness, and will be glorified when the goal of faith is attained, the eternal fellowship with God and his Son.

Kindest regards<br/>

Richard Fehr


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