Word of the Month

“Should have” versus “have”

December 2019

The last page of the calendar reminds us that the year will come to an irrevocable end in a few days. Whatever we have not managed to achieve in the past eleven months will not likely be achieved in the remaining three weeks either, barring any exceptions or unexpected good fortune.

Unfortunately, human beings are so constructed that their conscience often only makes them aware about the things they lack and the things they have missed before they even begin to think about all the things they already have.

Even if we have not managed to accomplish everything we would like to have done, and have not received all the things for which we had hoped and wished at the start of the year, there is one thing that we must absolutely acknowledge: we have—and have always had—everything we needed in order to walk the path that leads to God. And this is totally independent of any effort on our own part—because God grants us all things by grace.

Food for thought from a divine service by the Chief Apostle