Word of the Month

At work with all His might

November 2019

The Holy Spirit acts powerfully—this was the case in the past, it is also the case today, and it will also be so tomorrow. The Holy Spirit admonishes, strengthens, comforts, and inspires. He is our constant companion in all situations of life.

We recognise the Holy Spirit in His activity:

  • in the church of Christ He has always strengthened faith in Jesus—even in times of persecution, need, and suffering. And today as in the past He urges believers to spread the gospel in the assurance that Jesus Christ is the Son of God.
  • through the Apostle ministry the Holy Spirit prepares the believers for the return of Jesus. Through the apostolate, believers receive the gift of the Holy Spirit, and in fellowship with one another, the believers celebrate Holy Communion.
  • the Holy Spirit is active in the congregations—whether large or small, irrespective of the culture or the particular conditions of life. He is always present.
  • within the believers, the Holy Spirit produces the strength to remain loyal to Jesus Christ, to believe in Him and to trust in Him. The Holy Spirit grants strength to carry burdens and to serve our neighbour in the congregation.

Nothing can ever stop the Holy Spirit. Nothing can stop the development of the kingdom of God. The Holy Spirit is at work with all His might! And with all our might, let us also allow this power to be revealed in the congregations and in ourselves.

Let us continually give thanks to God, the Holy Spirit, for His activity in the church of Christ, in the Apostle ministry, in the congregations, and in each and every individual.

With warm greetings I remain

Yours truly,

Jean-Luc Schneider