Word of the Month

A matter of movement

September 2019

Whenever we pray, we are hoping to set something into motion. When we bring a concern to God in prayer, we are attempting—in figurative terms—to move the heart of God so that He will take care of our problem. When we express an intercession, we are trying to move God to take care of our neighbour. Therefore, when we pray for the return of Christ, let us bring some “movement” to bear, so that we may finally reach the goal of our faith!

But the question is, does anything move within us when we utter this prayer? Is our prayer associated with any movement within our own soul?

Or to phrase the question another way: can we move God with a prayer that doesn’t even unleash any sort of movement within our own souls? Hardly.

Even if we pray for this every day, and even if we express the same supplication again and again, let us remember that prayer must always be the work of the soul! And such prayers will not have any effect without the corresponding inner movement.

Food for thought from a divine service by the Chief Apostle