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July 2019

Our speech tells others a great deal about us. The manner in which we speak, the words we employ, and the language that we use to expresses ourselves can tell others quite a bit about our person, our nature, our life, our education, our character, and our dealings with others. Language also allows others to draw certain conclusions about a person’s background. For example, one can tell whether a person is from the north, south, east, or west of Germany by way of various linguistic idiosyncrasies. It was also speech—the dialect—of Peter that betrayed him as a Galilean, and exposed him as “one of them”, namely one of those who had been together with this Jesus. His speech betrayed where he belonged and the people with whom he consorted.

Shouldn’t people also be able to recognise Christians by their speech? Already by the fact that some words and expressions are simply not present in their vocabulary? By the fact that they always speak in a friendly manner even when others slander and despise them, as Paul advised his fellow brethren? And that in all that they say, they make the effort to please God, who tests the hearts!
The odd “speech test” couldn’t hurt every now and again.

Food for thought from a divine service from the Chief Apostle

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