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June 2019

Not long ago, young Christians in many congregations gave their confirmation vow and received the blessing of God for their future way of life. The older members among us, who likewise stood before the altar many years or even decades ago with a pounding heart—and who, just like the youth of today, vowed to renounce the devil and all his work and ways—know from personal experience that we were not always completely successful in fulfilling this earnest resolution. At times, evil turned out to be stronger than we were after all. At times we were simply too careless in our youthful impetuousness, at times we too dismissed the warnings we had been given. But we have remained faithful.

Why? First and foremost, naturally, because God granted us grace. But it was also because we had a congregation who supported us, in which we felt loved and understood. When we now look at our newly confirmed young sisters and brothers, let us always remember: they too need the congregation in order to keep their vow. And it is precisely at times when they do not succeed that they need the congregation the most. The members of the body of Christ serve one another, and each one contributes to the wellbeing of the others. May our young people always feel the solidarity of a congregation in which they are loved!

Food for thought from a divine service by the Chief Apostle