Word of the Month


May 2019

In order for a society to function, a minimum degree of adjustment is necessary. The more diverse the needs and characteristics of the people who comprise a community—be it in a family, the workplace, or in some other randomly assembled group—the more adjustment is required of each individual. This adjustment implies taking thought for the diverse needs and desires of others, but also the endeavour to seek and nurture commonalities, which at times requires us to refrain from pursuing our own wishes and ideas.

A similar truth applies to our fellowship with Christ: it will not work without some adjustment. But here it is not a matter of people adjusting to one another, but rather of people adjusting to Christ. To have fellowship with Christ means: each individual takes direction from Christ, each one takes Him as their standard, each one seeks to please Him, and each one desires to be close to Him. The more each individual endeavours to adapt his life, his thinking, and all his actions and omissions to Christ and His gospel, the easier it becomes to get along with one’s neighbour. This is the strength that is found in the fellowship of Christians.

Food for thought from a divine service by the Chief Apostle