Word of the Month

Dear God, do something!

March 2019

There are times when we wish God would intervene powerfully in history: a spectacular deed, a sign that reveals His omnipotence and establishes order, something that fundamentally changes the circumstances and conditions. After all, He could do it! So why doesn’t He?

Many an individual would dearly love to have God intervene in his or her life: an act of great power, perhaps a small miracle—just one intervention in my favour and everything will be different! Dear God, please do something!

Yet God does act. He is doing something. Only it is not by way of some spectacular exploit, but rather through His word. The word is the means by which God works. It is with His word that He intervenes in history. Not by fundamentally changing our lives or the prevailing conditions, but rather by changing us. His word is so mighty that it can change our perspective on things completely. His word is so powerful that it can change our relationship with our neighbour. And His word is so potent that it can even change us fundamentally.

God does not change the world. He changes people. And all of a sudden we see: “Ah yes, everything did have to be this way. It even serves to my benefit. God has turned everything for the best.”

Food for thought from a divine service by the Chief Apostle