Word of the Month

A speck

February 2019

It seems to be a characteristic of human nature to always be more generous toward oneself than toward others. We are quick to see the error in our neighbours, mercilessly taking note of even their tiniest mistakes, and yet we remain unaware of our own wrongdoing. Jesus illustrated this disparity in dramatic fashion with the image of the speck we see in our brother’s eye despite the fact there is a plank in our own.

However, if I am aware that God has ultimately elected me and made me His child in order to be a blessing in order to do good things upon others through me, then I cannot look at my neighbour more critically than I look at myself. On the contrary! If that is the case, I will look with empathy upon him and think about how I might even be of help to him. Then I will make use of the salvation that I have received, the grace that God has granted me—which He consistently grants me anew—in order to work with it and in turn allow understanding, grace, sympathy, and forgiveness to prevail with regard to others. And not only toward those who, like the souls in the realms of the beyond, are so far away that I can forgive them anything, but rather especially toward those who today are so close to me that I cannot help but notice the splinter in their eyes.

Food for thought from a divine service by the Chief Apostle