Word of the Month

The star of hope

December 2018

Whether made of straw, paper, or light, stars are simply a staple of Christmas. They can be seen everywhere as Christmas decorations. It is said that a teacher at a missionary school at the end of the eighteenth century first came up with the idea of distracting and occupying the children of the missionaries—who suffered greatly from being separated from their families over the days before Christmas—by having them craft stars. These were then hung up in the children’s rooms at Christmas time. This is how the tradition of Christmas stars is said to have come about.

The bright star in the dark night—a symbol of hope that fits especially well with Christmas. With the birth of Jesus a star arose which brought hope to mankind: hope for redemption, hope for peace, hope for an end to the separation between man and God, hope for grace, hope for eternal life, and hope for the imminent return of the kingdom of God. This star of hope still shines today with undiminished power, and lights the way out of the darkness of sin and remoteness from God—only we must still follow this path ourselves.

Food for thought from a divine service by the Chief Apostle